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Sponsors = Sustainable Calendar

Funded by sponsors.  Discover How Your Sponsorship Helps Seattle’s Sports Landscape.

Join us in filling a crucial gap in Seattle’s sports landscape with this unique calendar of home games and key events in the local sports community and industry.  Our vision for this calendar is to reflect and nurture Seattle’s vibrant sports culture.

Calendar sponsorships are designed to associate your brand with innovation, inclusion, and community leadership.  They are an economical way of reinforcing your brand’s commitment to sports in Seattle.  Together, we can create a dynamic platform that supports local sports and celebrates Seattle’s sporting spirit by promoting participation, spectatorship, and celebration by opening doors for people to connect on a more profound level with Seattle’s sports scene.

We have been publishing popular community calendars for over 20 years.  We have deep subject matter knowledge and extensive technical expertise in calendar management.  Our platforms have been proven with tens of thousands of events and millions of views.  You can depend on us as a caring, professional, and responsive partner for your organization and brand.  Please contact us for more information and references.

A portion of all sponsorship funding for this calendar is donated to ZGIRLS

Amplifying Your Presence: How Do We Promote Sponsors?

Custom-fit Recognition: Tailoring Sponsorship to Your Brand’s Unique Needs

Sponsors are featured prominently, with their brands appearing on the calendar website and integrated within the content to reflect their key messages and objectives, which we take the time to understand and communicate in a bespoke fashion.

Sponsorship tiers define the extent of a sponsor’s brand visibility, from logo placement to featured content, ensuring options to suit different levels of financial commitment.

Additionally, we encourage and facilitate the promotion of the Seattle Game Days calendar through sponsors’ marketing channels, such as their websites, social media, newsletters, and other suitable mediums.

This flexible and holistic approach aims to maximize the visibility of sponsors’ brands in a concrete and meaningful way, enhancing their connection to the Seattle sports community.

Innovating Community Engagement: How Do We Move Beyond Existing Calendars?

Crafting a Calendar for All: Innovative at its Core

Our calendar stands out through its dedication to home games across all major sports in Western Washington and to sports-related community events, such as sports-related fundraisers, awards ceremonies, watch parties, and networking opportunities, without the clutter or distraction of advertising and affiliate links. This focus, combined with the ability to tailor content to align with our sponsors’ objectives, underscores our core commitment to innovation.

We prioritize inclusion in sports by ensuring our calendar is accessible without the need for logins or social media accounts, making it the most user-friendly resource available. Compatibility across all devices and a design that caters to a wide audience, including those with disabilities, further ensures that everyone can benefit fully from our content.

By adapting our content to meet the needs of our sponsors and their stakeholders, from their executives and employees to their clients and community partners, we are creating more than just a calendar.  We are creating the model for a valuable community resource that can be replicated in other markets.

How Do Sponsorships Demonstrate Leadership, Facilitate Access, and Promote Participation in Local Sports?

Leaders Champion Unity & Participation

As a pioneering sponsor of this community calendar, your brand will visibly confirm itself as a leader committed to enriching local community life.  Sponsorships are designed to highlight your brand’s dedication both to supporting local sports and to serving as a beacon for community engagement.  It’s a showcase for how you’re making a tangible difference in the local sports landscape.

Calendar sponsorship helps make local sports accessible to all, encouraging a wider audience to attend, participate, and celebrate, thereby fostering a vibrant, connected sports community in Seattle.

Measuring Impact: How Do We Define and Report Value for Sponsors?

Beyond Numbers: Recognizing Success

In our quest to bridge the brands of calendar sponsors with the advancement of Seattle’s sports community, we operate on the premise that the impact of sponsorship extends beyond conventional metrics. Here are ways we capture and communicate this value for sponsors and the community:

  • Engagement Over Views: The value of strategic engagement extends beyond mere view counts. For a sponsor, a single mention of this calendar in a high-value conversation—such as a CEO recommending it as a networking resource to a key client—carries more significance than countless passive views.  We work with sponsors to create more of these impactful moments that forge strong connections. This approach underscores the difference between simply being seen and being impactful.

  • Community Reach: Our definition of reach goes beyond online impressions to signify real-world influence and applications. We show sponsors ways to leverage the calendar for high-value interactions with their existing community partners with an interest in Seattle sports. 

  • Reporting: Sponsors can expect regular reports and full transparency about our results and successes, both quantitative and qualitative.  Impact is not only measured by just numbers on a page; our reporting will include traditional traffic metrics and also stories of how sponsors have used the calendar to their advantage.  Sponsors are encouraged to provide ideas and requests on ways to make our reporting more useful to them.

How are Sponsorship Funds Used?

Investing in Community and Connection

Your sponsorship investment significantly impacts across three critical phases of growth and enhancement. Here’s a streamlined breakdown based on funding levels:

Phase 1: Content Development and Initial Expansion ($0-$10,000)

  • Content Improvement: Detailed event listings, including opposing teams for all home games.
  • SEO Optimization: Enhancing platform visibility on search engines.
  • Sponsor Materials: Creating marketing materials for sponsors to promote their community support.

Phase 2: Continued Content Development + Public Relations ($10,001-$20,000)

  • Expanded Calendar Coverage: More watch parties and sports community events, alongside regular season and playoff game coverage.
  • Public Relations: Initiatives to increase platform awareness and engagement, including media and community outreach.

Phase 3: Continued Content Development and Promotion + API Deployment and Platform Growth ($20,001-$30,000)

  • Content Continuation: Sustaining enhanced content quality and scope.
  • API Rollout: Enabling local bloggers and media to publish our calendar content on their sites.
  • Growth Initiatives: Site maintenance, event coverage expansion, strategic promotions, and community outreach to keep the platform vibrant and engaging.

Ten percent (10%) of sponsorship funds are donated to ZGIRLS (up to $2,500 per year).

What Will Happen in Years 2 and 3?

Collaborative Evolution: Tailoring the Future with Sponsor Insights

In years 2 and 3, we are poised to build upon the foundation laid in Year 1, leveraging the insights we’ve gathered to enhance Our focus will be on expanding content and introducing new features that align with user preferences and sponsor feedback. The aim is to refine the calendar in ways that directly respond to the community’s needs, ensuring we remain a relevant and engaging resource for Seattle’s sports enthusiasts and newbies.

Additionally, we’re exploring a collaboration with the Innovation Center of a local university to delve into novel event listing technologies, possibly incorporating AI to enrich our calendar content while streamlining the collection and curation of event information. The direction of these initiatives will be significantly influenced by the lessons we learn during the first year and by ongoing dialogue with our sponsors. This approach ensures that we remain closely attuned to the interests of our users and the objectives of our sponsors, positioning firmly at the intersection of sports, innovation, and community engagement.

What is ZGIRLS?

ZGIRLS is a transformative organization dedicated to empowering young girls through sports. By providing mentorship, building confidence, and fostering a supportive community, ZGIRLS helps young athletes realize their potential, both in sports and in life. A portion of all sponsorship funding for is proudly donated to ZGIRLS, reflecting our commitment to not just celebrate Seattle’s sporting achievements, but to actively contribute to the growth and empowerment of the next generation of athletes. Your sponsorship not only elevates your brand but also supports a future where every girl has the opportunity to live with courage, confidence, and community.

No other seattle sports calendar like it.

Lead the Way: Sponsor Seattle's Most Dynamic Sports Calendar

Position your brand as a leader in innovation and elevate Seattle's status as a top-tier sports city. By sponsoring our unique sports calendar, your brand champions the thriving spirit of Seattle's sports community. Our tailored sponsorships ensure alignment with your specific goals and priorities. Please keep reading to learn more or contact us to discuss.

Shape the Game: Elevate Seattle as a Sporting City with Us

Shape the Game: Elevate Seattle's Sports with Us

Become an early sponsor to actively shape Seattle's sports calendar and to broadcast two powerful messages: the vibrancy of Seattle's sports scene and your brand's unique call-to-action. Seize the opportunity to influence, engage, and lead. Join us in driving passion and participation across Western Washington.

Real-Time Engagement

Align Your Brand With Every Play

Enhance your brand's visibility with our cutting-edge sports calendar, where human insight and AI collaborate to keep content current and comprehensive. Dive into near real-time updates for season schedules and playoffs across all major Seattle sports. Your sponsorship not only gains visibility but becomes integral to an engaging, up-to-the-minute sports narrative, captivating fans' interests and loyalty.

Real-Time Engagement

Access is Key: Amplify Your Brand's Reach

Break through conventional barriers with our fully accessible calendar. From every device to every viewer, accessibility is at the forefront. Tailored for inclusivity with high-contrast and responsive design, our API extends the calendar's content beyond our own website to popular news outlets and even your own digital spaces. Guided by sponsor input, we're crafting a tool that elevates Seattle's sports together with your brand.

Choose Your Impact Level: Start Making a Difference Today!

Select the sponsorship tier that aligns with your brand's goals and ambition:

  • Presenting Sponsor: Exclusive visibility and position sitewide.
  • Grand Slam Sponsor: High-profile branding and acknowledgment sitewide.
  • Gold Cup Sponsor: Strategic placement and recognition sitewide.
  • Silver Cup Sponsor: Strategic recognition sitewide.
  • Food & Beverage Sponsor: Post your sports viewing parties.

Each partnership directly funds content creation, feature development, and community outreach. The annual operating budget for, once funded, is estimated to be $25,000 to $30,000.

Community Connection

Forge Connections with Every Play

Empower your organization with our sports calendar, a versatile tool designed to maximize suite usage and facilitate various engagement strategies tailored to your needs. Whether you're planning client entertainment, staff appreciation events, or partner gatherings, our calendar provides detailed insights into Seattle's home game schedule, guiding decisions about suite bookings or ticket purchases. Additionally, it offers rich content for community engagement through internal newsletters and social media channels, strengthening connections within your team and with your audience.

Local Business Booster

Champion Local Prosperity: Support Seattle's Economy Game by Game

Sponsor this calendar and demonstrate your commitment to Seattle's prosperity. Your support helps highlight the impact of home games on local businesses like hotels, bars, restaurants, and retailers, showcasing your dedication to the city's economic well-being. Join us in fostering community prosperity.

Sustainable Impact

Maximizing Value for Your Brand Year After Year

Discover our value playbook and learn how your sponsorship becomes increasingly valuable over time. With our innovative approach and consistent financial framework, we ensure impactful sponsor experiences year after year, driving continuous growth for your brand.

Thank You from the Team

Gratitude from Our Team

We extend our sincere gratitude for partnering with us to promote Seattle's vibrant sports community. Your support fuels our mission and drives positive change within the city. Please don't hesitate to contact us for any further inquiries or to discuss future opportunities. Thank you from the entire team!

What Problems Are We Tackling?

Problem AddressedWhose ProblemImportance RatingPotential SolutionsImpact on Sponsor
Enhancing brand visibilityMarketing DepartmentHighTargeted advertising and sponsorship spotsIncreased brand recognition and reach
Connecting with target audiences more effectivelySales and Marketing TeamsHighInteractive booths and experiential marketingDirect engagement and feedback from potential customers
Generating quality leadsSales DepartmentHighData capture activities and lead generation campaignsA pipeline of potential sales contacts
Creating networking opportunitiesBusiness DevelopmentMediumVIP events and private meetingsNew business partnerships and opportunities
Differentiating brand from competitorsMarketing Strategy TeamsHighUnique sponsor activations and branded contentA distinct market position
Improving customer loyalty and retentionCustomer Service and RelationsMediumLoyalty programs and exclusive offersHigher customer satisfaction and repeat business
Enhancing corporate image and CSRCorporate Social Responsibility (CSR) DepartmentMediumCommunity engagement and sustainable practicesPositive public perception and brand value
Driving sales and promotional activitiesSales and MarketingHighProduct demos and special event promotionsIncreased product awareness and sales
Building media and PR exposurePublic RelationsHighPress releases and media coverageEnhanced visibility in media outlets
Accessing new market segmentsMarket Research and DevelopmentMediumMarket analysis and targeted marketing campaignsExpansion into new demographic or geographic markets
Expanding into new marketsBusiness DevelopmentHighExposure in new geographical areas through sportsMarket expansion opportunities
Strengthening B2B relationshipsB2B Sales TeamMediumNetworking opportunities at sports eventsStronger B2B connections
Boosting online engagementDigital Marketing TeamHighDigital content and social media interactionsHigher online visibility and engagement
Aligning brand with positive valuesBrand ManagementHighAssociation with community-focused sports eventsImproved brand perception
Increasing media coveragePublic RelationsMediumNews and media mentions through event sponsorshipsEnhanced media presence
Facilitating team-building and corporate eventsHuman ResourcesMediumCompany events in conjunction with sports gamesBetter team cohesion and morale
Leveraging exclusivity in marketingMarketing DepartmentMediumExclusive sponsor benefits and acknowledgmentsUnique marketing angle
Improving product/service visibilitySales & MarketingHighProduct placements and mentions during eventsDirect product/service exposure
Enhancing event marketing strategyEvent Marketing TeamMediumIntegration into sports event marketingDiversified event marketing portfolio
Maximizing return on investmentFinance & MarketingHighStrategic sponsorship packagesCost-effective marketing solutions
Problem AddressedImportance RatingWho is Concerned
Fragmented Local Sports Information10Visitors, Local Residents, Community, Local Media
Limited Community Engagement in Local Sports10Community, Local Business Owners, Sponsors
Lack of Visibility for Small or Community Sports Events9Local Residents, Families, Community, Local Business Owners
Difficulty in Planning Attendance at Sports Events9Visitors, Local Residents, Families
Lack of Support for Youth and Amateur Sports9Families, Local Residents, Community
Insufficient Community Support for Local Teams9Community, Local Residents
Disconnection from the Local Sports Community9Community, Local Residents
Inaccessible Event Information for Non-Social Media Users8Visitors, Local Residents, Families
Limited Accessibility for People with Disabilities8Visitors, Local Residents, Families
Lack of Real-Time Updates on Sports Events8Visitors, Local Residents
Navigational and Usability Issues with Existing Calendars8Visitors, Local Residents, Families
Complexity in Finding Family-Friendly Sports Events8Families
Poor Brand Visibility for Sponsors in the Local Sports Scene8Sponsors
Inefficient Marketing Channels for Local Sports Events7Local Business Owners, Sponsors
High Cost of Sports Marketing7Local Business Owners, Sponsors
Inadequate Networking Opportunities for Sports Professionals7Local Media, Influencers, Sponsors
Barrier to Entry for New Sports Fans7Visitors, Local Residents, Families
Limited Engagement Opportunities for Sponsors7Sponsors
Underrepresentation of Women's Sports7Community, Local Residents
Overlooked Opportunities for Corporate Social Responsibility7Sponsors, Elected Officials, Policy Makers
Difficulty in Supporting Local Sports Economically7Community, Local Business Owners
Challenges in Measuring Event Impact and Engagement6Sponsors, Local Media
Limited Information on How to Become Involved in Sports6Local Residents, Families
Uncoordinated Event Scheduling6Visitors, Local Residents, Community
Challenges in Attracting Non-local Attendees to Events5Local Business Owners, Local Media

Documented Local Sports Information Challenges

  1. Fragmented Local Sports Information: This issue is commonly addressed in studies focusing on the digital divide and information accessibility, emphasizing the need for centralized information platforms to enhance access to local sports events.  

  2. Lack of Visibility for Small or Community Sports Events: The importance of visibility for small and community sports events is highlighted in research on sports management and marketing, which suggests that increased visibility can lead to enhanced community engagement and support. 

  3. Inaccessible Event Information for Non-Social Media Users: Studies on digital inclusion suggest that alternative platforms to social media are necessary to ensure access to information for those who are not active on these platforms.  

  4. Limited Community Engagement in Local Sports: Research on community sports indicates that enhancing access to information and simplifying participation can significantly increase community engagement in local sports activities.

  5. Difficulty in Planning Attendance at Sports Events: The challenges of planning attendance at sports events are documented in literature on sports tourism and event management, emphasizing the need for centralized scheduling and information dissemination.

  6. Poor Brand Visibility for Sponsors in the Local Sports Scene: Marketing studies emphasize the importance of targeted visibility for sponsors, particularly in niche markets such as local sports, to enhance brand recognition and return on investment.

  7. Lack of Support for Youth and Amateur Sports: The critical role of support for youth and amateur sports in developing talent and fostering community spirit is highlighted in sports development literature.

  8. Inadequate Networking Opportunities for Sports Professionals: Professional development literature within sports management fields often discusses the importance of networking opportunities for career advancement and industry growth.

  9. Uncoordinated Event Scheduling: Event management research identifies the impact of uncoordinated scheduling on participant engagement and event success, advocating for integrated planning tools.

  10. Limited Accessibility for People with Disabilities: Accessibility studies, such as those examining inclusive sports facilities, underscore the importance of designing sports information and event platforms that are accessible to individuals with disabilities.

  11. Inefficient Marketing Channels for Local Sports Events: Marketing efficiency research suggests that digital platforms can offer cost-effective and wide-reaching marketing channels for local sports events, addressing traditional limitations.

  12. Insufficient Community Support for Local Teams: Studies on sports fandom and community identity highlight the need for enhancing local team visibility to build and maintain community support.

  13. Barrier to Entry for New Sports Fans: Research on sports participation barriers identifies information accessibility and engagement opportunities as key factors in attracting new fans and participants.

  14. Complexity in Finding Family-Friendly Sports Events: Literature on family leisure and sports participation emphasizes the value of clearly identifying and promoting family-friendly events to encourage broader community involvement.

  15. Underrepresentation of Women’s Sports: Gender studies within sports highlight the ongoing issue of underrepresentation and advocate for equal visibility and support for women’s sports initiatives.

  16. Limited Engagement Opportunities for Sponsors: Marketing and sponsorship literature discusses the need for creating diverse and innovative engagement opportunities to attract and retain sponsors in the sports sector.

  17. Challenges in Measuring Event Impact and Engagement: Event management research stresses the importance of tools and metrics for accurately assessing the impact and engagement of sports events, guiding future planning and improvement.

  18. High Cost of Sports Marketing: Studies on sports marketing costs identify digital platforms as providing cost-effective alternatives for promoting local sports events, particularly beneficial for small businesses and community initiatives.

  19. Disconnection from the Local Sports Community: Community engagement research within sports emphasizes the role of digital platforms in bridging the gap between local sports entities and the broader community.

  20. Lack of Real-Time Updates on Sports Events: The importance of real-time information for sports event management and attendee satisfaction is highlighted in technology and sports management literature.

  21. Difficulty in Supporting Local Sports Economically: Economic support for local sports is a theme in sports economics research, which suggests that accessible information platforms can facilitate community financial support.

  22. Navigational and Usability Issues with Existing Calendars: Usability studies on digital platforms stress the importance of user-friendly design to ensure accessibility and effectiveness for a diverse audience.

  23. Limited Information on How to Become Involved in Sports: Sports participation research often discusses the barriers to entry, including a lack of information on how to get involved, advocating for comprehensive resources.

  24. Challenges in Attracting Non-local Attendees to Events: Tourism and sports event literature explore strategies for broadening the appeal of local sports events to attract non-local attendees, emphasizing the role of effective marketing and information dissemination.

  25. Overlooked Opportunities for Corporate Social Responsibility: Corporate social responsibility (CSR) in sports is an area of increasing interest, with studies suggesting that supporting local sports can align with and enhance a company’s CSR efforts.

Ways that Helps

  1. Fragmented Local Sports Information: Combat the issue of scattered and hard-to-find information on local sports events.
  2. Lack of Visibility for Small or Community Sports Events: Increase awareness for smaller sports events that often receive less attention.
  3. Inaccessible Event Information for Non-Social Media Users: Provide a platform for those not on social media to access event information.
  4. Limited Community Engagement in Local Sports: Enhance community involvement by making it easier to find and participate in events.
  5. Difficulty in Planning Attendance at Sports Events: Simplify the planning process for attending various sports events with a centralized calendar.
  6. Poor Brand Visibility for Sponsors in the Local Sports Scene: Offer sponsors heightened visibility among a targeted, engaged audience.
  7. Lack of Support for Youth and Amateur Sports: Promote youth and amateur sports events, fostering local talent and community support.
  8. Inadequate Networking Opportunities for Sports Professionals: Facilitate networking by highlighting industry events, fundraisers, and meetings.
  9. Uncoordinated Event Scheduling: Reduce scheduling conflicts by providing a comprehensive view of all local sports events.
  10. Limited Accessibility for People with Disabilities: Ensure the calendar design is inclusive, catering to users with disabilities.
  11. Inefficient Marketing Channels for Local Sports Events: Act as a cost-effective marketing platform for event organizers.
  12. Insufficient Community Support for Local Teams: Build stronger community support for local teams by increasing event visibility.
  13. Barrier to Entry for New Sports Fans: Lower barriers by providing easy access to information and encouraging participation.
  14. Complexity in Finding Family-Friendly Sports Events: Highlight family-friendly events, encouraging family participation in local sports.
  15. Underrepresentation of Women’s Sports: Give equal visibility to women’s sports, promoting gender equality in the sports community.
  16. Limited Engagement Opportunities for Sponsors: Create diverse engagement opportunities for sponsors beyond traditional advertising.
  17. Challenges in Measuring Event Impact and Engagement: Offer sponsors and organizers tools and metrics for assessing event success.
  18. High Cost of Sports Marketing: Provide an economical alternative for sports marketing, especially for small businesses and community events.
  19. Disconnection from the Local Sports Community: Bridge the gap between the community and local sports scenes, fostering a sense of belonging.
  20. Lack of Real-Time Updates on Sports Events: Ensure updates and changes to events are communicated promptly.
  21. Difficulty in Supporting Local Sports Economically: Allow for easy discovery of and participation in fundraisers and support initiatives.
  22. Navigational and Usability Issues with Existing Calendars: Offer a user-friendly interface that caters to a broad audience.
  23. Limited Information on How to Become Involved in Sports: Provide resources and information for those looking to get involved in local sports.
  24. Challenges in Attracting Non-local Attendees to Events: Increase the reach of local sports events to attract attendees from outside the community.
  25. Overlooked Opportunities for Corporate Social Responsibility: Enable sponsors to visibly support community initiatives, aligning with CSR goals.