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Seattle World Cup Games

Experience the Thrill of a Global Celebration, the World Cup in Seattle: June-July 2026

Welcome to the ultimate destination for “Seattle World Cup games,” a special calendar crafted with passion by our local editors. This exclusive guide is dedicated to bringing the global spectacle of the FIFA World Cup right to our doorstep, featuring six electrifying matches to be played in Seattle during June and July 2026. Experience the pinnacle of international soccer as teams from around the world compete on our turf, turning the city into a vibrant hub of sporting excellence and unity. From the opening kick-off to the final whistle, each game promises unforgettable moments of skill, drama, and camaraderie. Join us in celebrating the beautiful game’s biggest festival, and let’s make history together in the heart of Seattle. See you at the stadium!   Learn more


More about this Seattle World Cup Games Calendar

Discover the ultimate guide to “Seattle World Cup games,” created through the combined efforts of passionate local editors and the generous support of our sponsors. This specialized calendar is uniquely dedicated to the FIFA World Cup matches hosted in our vibrant Seattle, carefully crafted to bring you every thrilling moment of international soccer in June and July 2026. With a keen eye for detail and a dedication to authenticity, each of the six matches is selected with precision, providing a complete overview of the world’s most prestigious soccer tournament as it unfolds in our city. From the dynamic play-offs to the electrifying finals, experience the global soccer community right here in Seattle.

We are thrilled to present this essential resource to our community, a feat made possible by the financial backing of our sponsors. Their commitment to fostering a global sports culture empowers us to unite soccer enthusiasts from every part of the city and beyond, celebrating the universal passion for soccer. In gratitude to our sponsors’ invaluable support, we encourage you to dive into the calendar and start planning your World Cup experience in Seattle. With our sponsors’ help, the spirit and excitement of the World Cup are just a click away. Join us for a series of spectacular matches that promise to create lasting memories and bring the world together, right here in Seattle. Let’s share in the joy and unity of the World Cup season!